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FOX News
Dec 16, 2012 8:00pm PST
are facing a full workload. they are voting on an aid package tore super storm sandy. they replenish the federal programs. governors of new york, new jersey and connecticut ro urging congress to get it done before they go home for the holidays. vice president of syria saying the rebels can't win but neither can government forces. after 21 months of civil war unlikely either side could win a decisive military victory. he doesn't believe the rebels are the solution to syrian problems and that if they won it might bring chaos to the country. he also said he doesn't think the assad regime can achieve needed change. i am marianne rafferty now back to huckabee. for the latest headlines go to i am still very numb and just like robert had said we are blessed with having our daughter with us here today. how many families and friends and everyone within the community didn't go home with their children friday night. it is just very, very heart wrenching and there is no way to make any sense of anything with this person has done. >> now that the victims of the shooting at sandy hook elementary s
FOX News
Dec 17, 2012 12:00am PST
at sandy hook elementary school have been identified the community is focusing on remembering and honoring those who have been lost. let's go to fox's an taw kooiman in saint rose church in newtown. >> as the nation search they had quite a scare as law enforcement rushed into their buildings and other places on campus today. >> new found police and a soaks person say a call came in where a man threatened to kill people in a church. everything is okay. but not before an evacuation. >> the past interrupted people left very calmly and great digni dignity. we pray there will be mow more on this campus today. the funerals will be held later in the week and the priests are repairing for it and still working with families. warning was there a fellow neighbor disheartened. this is already the tough date for the community. as the medical examiner 12 girls 8 boys an 6 adults occurred. they lost many of the playmates and favorite teachers. third grader ali carries around a picture of her teacher victoria soto. >> my favorite first grade teacher. >> they have no way to help the victim's families excep
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2